Benks Whirlwind Phone Cooler


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Defeat the heat with the Benks Phone Cooler. Powered by advanced cooling technology for enhanced gaming performance and avoiding lag. Stay cool when the smartphone battle heats up. Strong magnet, stick on like glue. Undisturbed gameplay, Benks phone cooler brings peace, not noise. Reduce phone temperature and maintain battery health. Mute Engine Dissipation: Dual silent design fan can efficiently emit wind from all sides, providing a stronger refrigeration effect, and no disturbance to your gaming or your Vlog show. Multiple Scenes Suitable: It is a must-have for mobile phone game players and vloggers who use their phones to make live streaming video 1. Material: PC+Aluminum alloy+Copper 2. Input: Type-C 5V 3. Total power: <=10W 4. Semiconductor crystal cooling, cooling in rapid. 5. Quiet and low noise motor, almost no sound 6. Strong magnetic adsorption, suitable for iPhone 12/13 series and cellphones with MagSafe magnetic. 7. Size: 62×23.2mm 8. Cable length: 1.5m

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