Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sometimes it’s really unavoidable to submit or share personal information and when it’s done then the security and privacy of all the personal information and data collected should be kept by all possible means and methods. We are always a step ahead to ensure and affirm that there should be no disclosure of the information provided on to any third party whatever the case may be. On the other side, if we require some information for the delivery, payments or any other purpose we assure to use it very wisely, strictly and carefully. We at M/S Lahore bay can use the received information on our website to our agents, distributors, contractors, or delivery people (courier), only for very important purposes for the effective completion of registration with our website, orders, payments, delivery or any other that will be aligned with our privacy policy.

Lahore Bay may sometimes share information for any kind of legal perspective like some legal proceedings happening in real-time and/or obviously to safeguard, protect and establish/verify our legal rights.

Protection of Data:
We at Lahore bay will always try our best to protect and safeguard all the data that are collected through our website by taking all the important precautions and steps. The backup of the data on our state-of-the-art secured systems ensures comprehensive security. The latest encrypted updated technology will ensure the safety of all types of collected information on wire and electronic transactions.

Privacy Policy Updation
Lahorebay will exercise all of its rights whatsoever to upgrade, update modify or change the privacy policy whenever suitable or mandatory without any prior notice. So it is requested to keep visiting our privacy policy page on the website for any variations, alterations, updations, and changes.

Other Websites has links to a lot of websites sometimes, we do not take any responsibility for their privacy policy whatsoever. We are always available for any queries on our terms of the privacy policy, always feel free to contact us.