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Brand: Aspor
Detail:  Powerbank Aspor A323, 10,000mAh. Two USB connectors that can deliver up to 2 A., which greatly speeds up the time of your device. You can freely charge the tablet while on the road. The portable battery has a led indicator, which allows you to monitor both the charging process of the P..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,499
Aspor Air Series Ultrathin 10000mAh Power Bank A383 - Silver Aspor Air Series Ultrathin 10000mAh Power Bank A383 - Silver
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Brand: Aspor
Specification:1 X USB OutputBattery Capacity:  10000 MAhBrand: AsporColour:silverShipping Weight (kg) 0.5Description:Elegantly designed and light weight, can be easily fit into one's pocket without much hassle. Metallic Case ensure long lasting appearance after thousands of use cycles.Efficient..
Rs.1,799 Rs.2,499
Ex Tax:Rs.1,799
Brand: Aspor
Description: ASPOR POWER BANK 6000MAH POLYMER AIR ULTRA THIN A373 -Detail:  For those who like to travel or who often stay on long trips, the issue of charging a mobile phone is always a problem. Solve it with the help of universal mobile battery Aspor 6000 mAh Silver. Thanks to the installed h..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,399
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