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Action Sports Camera Wifi 4k 1080p Hd (Blue Packing)

Action Sports Camera Wifi 4k 1080p Hd (Blue Packing)
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Action Sports Camera Wifi 4k 1080p Hd (Blue Packing)
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WI-Fi Digital Action Camera Is All What You Need. It Takes 12 MP Still Photos. Designed For Point-Of-View Style Action Shooting, It Features An Assortment Of Mounts To Cover Just About Every Situation, Including Solutions For Helmets, Handlebars, Surfboards, And More. The Camera Also Features An Underwater Housing That - With A 100' Depth Rating - Is Safe To Take Snorkeling Or On Many Dives. A 2"Inch LCD Screen On The Back Of The Camera Allows You To Compose Your Shots As Well As Review What You've Already Recorded.

Key Features

·          A Water-Resistant Casing That Allows You To Film Fascinating Water Sports & Water-Resistant Up To 30 Meters Under Water.

·         High Definition Screen That Displays And Replays Fascinating Videos Recorded  

·         Detachable Battery That Is Easy To Replace And Prolongs Your Camera's Service Life  

·          Video Recording While Charging 

·         Video Recording With Battery  

·         12-Megapixel HD Wide-Angle Lens 

·         HDMI HD Output 

·         Support Storage Cards Up To 64GB Maximum 

·         Multiple Video Recording Formats: 4K 1080P 720P WVGA 

·         Recorded In MOV Format 

·         Multiple Photo Shooting Modes: Single Shot, Snapper  

·         Video Encryption Enabled   

·         Wi-Fi Connection. 

·         Accessories Included In Official Package 


·         Video: 4K 25fps/2.7K 30fps

·         1080p 60/30 Fps (H.264)

·         720p 120/60 Fps (H.264)

·         Battery:1050MAh  

·         Super Wide Angle Lens:170 Degree

·         Waterproof: Up To 30m

·         Wi-Fi:802.11b/G/N

·         2-Inch LCD

Package Includes

1 X Sports DV 

1 X Waterproof Case

1 X Bicycle Stand 

1 X Mounts

 1 X Handle Bar/Pole Mount

1 X Battery

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